Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Midweek Melody

It's about this time of the week when my mind turns from roasted poultry to the song choice for our midweek melody.  With this random patch of glorious sunshine we are enjoying it's difficult to pick just one. Isn't it strange how a little bit of sunshine can make everything, and every song, just seem better?  Well except that the sunshine highlights how badly my living room needs dusting and my eyebrows need plucking!  

The sunshine makes me feel so good I even found myself humming Morecambe and Wise's 'Give Me Sunshine' at work! I know, weird, but it has been very sunny.  I think I may have had an overdose of vitamin D.  It was also very early in the morning and no one else had arrived yet.  I may have sent everyone home sick if they had to endure my singing.  

I'm not even sure if Morecambe and Wise were the original artists of the song but it was their tune which nearly made it onto this week's coveted music slot, that is until I remembered I have decided to ditch the midweek melody feature.  

Yes, just as I suspected no one is that upset. All the songs I've featured have been naff, let's face it. Between you and me I only started the midweek melody so I could feature a tune from boy band Fives, Scott Robinson. Geeky huh?  Well I am geeky and proud which is why the last ever mid-week melody is going to be Scott Robinson's version of 'A Team. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. 

Darn Youtube vid wouldn't work so you will just have to follow this linkScott Robinson 'A-Team''. 

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  1. Just had a catch up with your blog, lovely crochet items, gorgeous bibs & burn cloths, chicken that has me drooling & I even checked out the Scott Robinson link..... He can sing in my kitchen any day, I am sure your wares will sell well tomorrow, if it hadn't been our field day, I would have loved to see a well dressing event xx